Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay PPS App Reviews

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I have been bidding on items to complete a collection hobby of mine but I kept missing out! Someone would always outbid me in the end! It was driving me nuts!Thankfully my friend turned me on to this app and now I can win items without even having to monitor ebay! Especially helpful when its in the middle of the day or night and I cant monitor it! I just won an item I have been searching for, for over a year, just today! For a great price! Thanks to myibidder! Highly recommend!!

Stay Away!!!!!

Thing costed me a dollar to find out bids cost money.

It just works

Works as expected. When I have a question, support is fast. What else can I wish?


I tried 35 times to sign in and it wouldnt recognize my eBay info. Even went on eBay and changed my password. No luck. Stupid.

Used to work

Used to work good, but has missed two of the last three bids, support was quite rude, when I asked for help.


Works fine if you know how to log in and place bids. Its easy and reliable. Been using this for a year and havent had any problems. 5/5.


Does just what it is designed to do. I have found it quite reliable. Nice not to have to "babysit" items. Also convenient when bidding on multiple items that end within a few seconds. Reviewer ***PJM*** is incorrect that this does the same thing as the bidding on your behalf feature on eBay. With bidding on your behalf you must make a bid manually. With this app your bid is made by the app (a website technically) at the very end of the auction. You DONT have to be watching the auction. That is the primary benefit of the app.

Save your money !!

This app is garbage made me lose a bid never worked or placed a bid contacted support gave me a bunch of excuses.

Best auction sniper hands down

Granted the app description states at the bottom to leave a story about how excited I am for free snipes, so this should suffice, but Id leave this regardless. Ive used this app since day 1 as the free app, ran out of free snipes so left and tried ALL the other apps, and theyre JUNK!!! Just watch an item and refresh the app, boom its there. Or, copy and paste the item number. OR, search via the app. Done, done, and done!!! Nothing can touch this app on ease of use, and accuracy.

Bids appear on eBay

I thought this was a private sniping app so attention is not placed on the eBay item. Not so. Just use eBays "bidding on your behalf" and not pay for this app. So disappointed.

Flawed app

Have lost several bids that I would have won. Although app was set, it never submitted bid.

It wont accept my gmail password!

The app forces you to change your gmail password to use the app

Best app for eBay since eBay

Absolutely love this app! Foolproof to use, it consistently saves me money by avoiding "bidding wars" or forgotten bids!!

The only one

The only one I have been using more than a year now, helps me to win %99 of the time, works wonderful for my little business!:)


It helps me to win so many bids, simply love it! Very useful app.

Works great!

Ive used this app for almost three years and love it. Ive won so many auctions without having to be there for the last minute. Its really foolproof - the only time Ive lost auctions is when I set the maximum bid too low or forgot to set it. Also customer service is excellent. I had a question answered in 10 minutes on a Sunday! Highly recommend!

Too many failed snipes

Better apps out there

Doesnt work.

Will not let me download after i deleted from my phone a couple months ago. I have plenty of space on my phone to download. Im not sure why it says its unable to download.

Worked good

I used this ap for almost a year with no issues. Customer service is quick to respond! Winning my snipes!


This literally works perfectly. I have been using this for 6 months and have never lost a winning bid. I have an excellent wifi signal on the iPad. Im connected at 802.11n 5Ghz. I have Myibidder set to bid at 3 seconds. I have checked when the bid was posted on eBay and it posts it on the last 2 seconds. Anyone who does not have good performance, when using this app, it has to be your wifi/internet connection, not this app.

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