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Don’t pay for it

So I’ve won one or two auctions using this app and I’ve lost a couple of items that I should have won, but maybe my cell had bad reception at that moment. However now it won’t even log in saying I have an incorrect password. The password I’m using is saved by my phone and is used (successfully) to log in by my eBay app. Wish I hadn’t paid for this.

Don’t change your Ebay password

If you change your eBay password you will no longer be able to log into this app. It will not recognize your new password, it will only recognize your old one even though eBay does not recognize the old one making the app useless. The developers have been told about this and they do not have any useful solutions other than creating a new eBay account. I’ve been using the same eBay account for 18 years and I do not plan on starting a new one just for this.

Tech support is a STALKER BEWARE

I have lost multiple items even though I was the highest bidder. I contacted Tech support and got a STALKER. He not only couldn’t help me but, He has emailed me 14 times after I told him not to write me back. My problem is the app keeps disconnecting from Ebay and I asked what could be causing this, it’s happened over the last couple of years. He said that it’s not possible. I sent him a screenshot of the last time it happened in May and he said that has nothing to do with this, That was back in May. That’s when i said don’t reply to me anymore. 14 emails later do yourself a favor and Stay Away! This guy has contacted me 5 more times today since I wrote this review

Used to be great...

I used this for years then suddenly it was no longer linked to my eBay account. I hadn't changed anything. I asked for help and was sent to a desktop version of the company site that did not allow me to sign-in. I still have bids left but can't use it. Looking for a new app now.

Works very well

This app has worked very well for me. I have had it for a long time.


I purchased this thinking it I had unlimited bids.... I was wrong! They only give you Ten bids for free the rest you have to pay for .... There are way better apps out there for Free.... Don't waste time or money!

These Basta*ds Should Be In Jail

After taking MY money it works until you actually NEED to use it! THEN you cannot log in—no matter what the h*ll you do, your password is wrong! I WILL PAY "YOU" NOT TO USE THESE GUYS! Customer support tells me that "I" forgot my eBay password. Yeah? So I reset my eBay password to my initials plus 1234. Think I'd forget THAT ONE? Then I sign in and out of eBay SIX times to insure that I didn't forget this imbecilically easy password. What did Mybidder say? You guessed it—"wrong password." THEY STOLE MY MONEY!!!!


Used this app for years with success, however just purchased iPhone 7plus and put this app on, after first 5 snipes it is now makes you purchase further snipes. Very disappointed now!


I have been bidding on items to complete a collection hobby of mine but I kept missing out! Someone would always outbid me in the end! It was driving me nuts!Thankfully my friend turned me on to this app and now I can win items without even having to monitor ebay! Especially helpful when it's in the middle of the day or night and I can't monitor it! I just won an item I have been searching for, for over a year, just today! For a great price! Thanks to myibidder! Highly recommend!!

Stay Away!!!!!

Thing costed me a dollar to find out bids cost money.

Lost my last bids..

Lost my last bids... app cannot login. Bad job!

It just works

Works as expected. When I have a question, support is fast. What else can I wish?


I tried 35 times to sign in and it wouldn't recognize my eBay info. Even went on eBay and changed my password. No luck. Stupid.

Used to work

Used to work good, but has missed two of the last three bids, support was quite rude, when I asked for help.


Works fine if you know how to log in and place bids. It's easy and reliable. Been using this for a year and haven't had any problems. 5/5.


Does just what it is designed to do. I have found it quite reliable. Nice not to have to "babysit" items. Also convenient when bidding on multiple items that end within a few seconds. Reviewer ***PJM*** is incorrect that this does the same thing as the bidding on your behalf feature on eBay. With bidding on your behalf you must make a bid manually. With this app your bid is made by the app (a website technically) at the very end of the auction. You DON'T have to be watching the auction. That is the primary benefit of the app.

Save your money !!

This app is garbage made me lose a bid never worked or placed a bid contacted support gave me a bunch of excuses.

Best auction sniper hands down

Granted the app description states at the bottom to leave a story about how excited I am for free snipes, so this should suffice, but I'd leave this regardless. I've used this app since day 1 as the free app, ran out of free snipes so left and tried ALL the other apps, and they're JUNK!!! Just watch an item and refresh the app, boom it's there. Or, copy and paste the item number. OR, search via the app. Done, done, and done!!! Nothing can touch this app on ease of use, and accuracy.

Bids appear on eBay

I thought this was a private sniping app so attention is not placed on the eBay item. Not so. Just use eBay's "bidding on your behalf" and not pay for this app. So disappointed.

Flawed app

Have lost several bids that I would have won. Although app was set, it never submitted bid.

It won't accept my gmail password!

The app forces you to change your gmail password to use the app👎🏾

Best app for eBay since eBay

Absolutely love this app! Foolproof to use, it consistently saves me money by avoiding "bidding wars" or forgotten bids!!

The only one

The only one I have been using more than a year now, helps me to win %99 of the time, works wonderful for my little business!:)


It helps me to win so many bids, simply love it! Very useful app.

Works great!

I've used this app for almost three years and love it. I've won so many auctions without having to be there for the last minute. It's really foolproof - the only time I've lost auctions is when I set the maximum bid too low or forgot to set it. Also customer service is excellent. I had a question answered in 10 minutes on a Sunday! Highly recommend!

Too many failed snipes

Better apps out there

Doesn't work.

Will not let me download after i deleted from my phone a couple months ago. I have plenty of space on my phone to download. I'm not sure why it says it's unable to download.

Worked good

I used this ap for almost a year with no issues. Customer service is quick to respond! Winning my snipes!


This literally works perfectly. I have been using this for 6 months and have never lost a winning bid. I have an excellent wifi signal on the iPad. I'm connected at 802.11n 5Ghz. I have Myibidder set to bid at 3 seconds. I have checked when the bid was posted on eBay and it posts it on the last 2 seconds. Anyone who does not have good performance, when using this app, it has to be your wifi/internet connection, not this app.


Terrible app should be removed from the Apple App Store

Waste of money

You can't even log into your eBay account. How am I supposed to bid when I can't even log in? Waste of money :(. Wish I could have a refund

Very, very, very good indeed

I use to have a similar version for windows and it was wonderful. This one is even better! Simpler yet accurate, fast and reliable. Good job in developing this great App.

Don't Buy!! Can't login!!

I used to use the free version. It now would not login. So I changed eBay password and still would not work. So I purchased the latest app and still won't work. Thinking now the the latest positive reviews are phony. It appears eBay security changes have made this app inoperable. I wasted my money.

Best snipe app period

Best eBay-related app I've ever used, bar none. Snipes have always been executed unless I set one too late (i.e., within just a couple mins of the auction ending), for which I only have myself to blame. Most of all, the customer support is second to none. A must-have app for eBay auctions!

Can't even get past step one.

The app can't even log into eBay account. Waste of money. Didn't even get past the first step, let alone get to a point where u could actually use the app.

First Use, First Win!

Purchased app, set it up, imported watch list from eBay. Activated a snipe, and went to bed. Woke up in the morning with the winning bid. App worked flawlessly, and won my item with the price far below my maximum bid.

Great App!!! Best eBay Sniper Ever!!!

I usually don't write reviews, but this one deserves it for many reasons. First off, the sniper is really easy to use and very straight forward. Second, the user interface is the best one of seen out of all the eBay snipers. Third, if you have any problems, they have great customer service. Fourth, very trustworthy!! You can guarantee that the sniper will work!! You can have no doubt in your mind that it won't go off because it always does!! I have used many eBay snipers, but none of them even come close to this one. Highly recommended!! And a must for all eBay users!

Doesnt work anymore

Used to work fine, now it says my user/pass is wrong. Same credentials work fine on the website and the ebay app.

Works well

We have been using this app for over a year now. Would not do EBay auctions without it. It works as advertised.

Could not login on app

Could not get app to work. Kept getting "incorrect login /password". MyiBidder support did respond promptly, but said my eBay logon/user name did not exist. However, logon and password work on both official eBay app and website login using Chrome and Firefox. IPhone 6, iOS8.3.

If you like winning, you'll love this app!

It serves it's purpose and is very user friendly. In addition, the support team is prompt, polite, & eager help. I use this app when I need 100% confidence I WILL win the eBay auction if my highest bid is not beaten out by another eBay user. I almost want to keep the app a secret so there's less competition in the future. This is the first app review I have written, because I'm just so surprised more users haven't already done so. Maybe they want to keep it a secret, too. ;) Happy sniping!

Great app

Works perfectly

Great app

Saved me from losing out on an item I had forgotten about. Pays for itself on the first thing you win.


I've used this ebay snipe app for years and is the best sniping app I have ever used! Never failed me!! Highly recommend!!!!

This app used to work fine...

Now,unfortunately, it's not allowing me to turn off auctions. So I ended up buying 3 of something I only needed one of. After the 1st win, I disabled the other auctions. However they still placed bids. This used to not be an issue.

Great app

Won the first item I bid on after several lost bids.

This app is worthless

So I just lost my first snip with this app. My max bid was way higher than the winning bid. Everything was set correctly. This app is totally useless. Waste of 1.99!! Don't trust it!!

More charges

I used this sniper for a while and i liked it, until I realized after some time I have to purchase "snipe bundle", where 3 snipes cost $0.99 and so on. So I have to pay more after I already bought this app. You are greedy people! Use your app yourself.

works GREAT for me!

PROS: It does exactly what it claims and i have saved lots using it. You save an item to your eBay watch list (while in eBay) and then import your watch list into MyiBidder through its interface, Then set a max bid and let it go. At the last 1/10th of a second a slightly higher bid is placed for you and you win! You can go to bed or work knowing that as long as your max bid was high enough, you’ll win. It avoids the methodical ratcheting up of bids. Someone else thinks they have it until….. its yours! It appears to prevent a few rounds of bid battling = lower final price. CONS: I’d love a MAC OS version that could talk with the iPhone/iPad APP version. Bottom Line: It works well for me!

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